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Here are some of the advantages of the company that make your choice to work with us ideal:

1. Intensive monitoring of ongoing changes, improvements and claims arising in the livestock and scientific level, in order to adapt respectively our products.

2. Special Research & Development Department (R&D), which is in constant search of scientific alternatives for even greater satisfaction of our customers’ needs.


3. Cooperation with Universities and National Institutions to conduct research and scientific experiments. With this process, we utilize the expertise of these institutions by implementing quality and production optimization techniques.

4. Monitoring the effectiveness of the experiments in our facilities, so that any optimization proposal made by our hand will be fully tested as to its results and thus profitable for our customers, in order to enjoy the guaranteed quality and performance of our products.

5. We offer technical support and after-sales service. Our experienced staff provides consulting and auditing services in production, technical and managerial level. This fact can be translated into direct and regular contact with the businessman - breeder for settling all problems that may arise.


Finally, Vethellas Group is an one stop buy solution. We cover the entire spectrum of modern farming, starting from the establishment of the business plan, up to the operation of the livestock facilities, providing full technical support. Our company also undertakes the zootechnical management, the nutritional programs and medical treatments, as well as the supply of nutritional and pharmaceutical products.
All these contribute to the maximum synergy among the products and the services provided by the Group, which result in the achievement of the maximum productivity and the optimal financial result for our customers.

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