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Our R&D department operates under the Planning Administration of the company, whose objective is to design and implement innovative and competitive products that meet current and future needs regarding animal feed and medical treatment of animals, taking into consideration the latest scientific achievements in farm breeding and veterinary medicine as well as the rapid development in technology.

To achieve the above, the R&D department is supported by a Quality Control laboratory that conducts various chemical analyses, and staffed by a Scientific Committee composed of specialized personnel of various specialties (veterinarians, Zootechnicians, chemists, biochemists, engineers) as well as associates of the same specialties from Greece and abroad.


Quality Control Laboratory

VETHELLAS S.A. has a Quality Control Laboratory, equipped with modern equipment, where all the necessary checks to ensure the excellent quality of both raw materials and finished products are carried out. Where appropriate, the Laboratory can undertake conducting products’ chemical analyses on behalf of its customers.


Within the year, the completion of construction of new modern fully equipped research laboratory (chemical and microbiological) with the latest equipment is expected, in order to give greater boost to the development of the Research and Development Department of the company. At the same time and for this purpose, the scientific staff of the Quality Control Laboratory is training regularly on topics related to the field.


Scientific Committee

The committee’s role is to monitor the international scientific developments in the veterinary field relative to nutrition and animal diseases, to collect and process the data and to make contacts and meetings with academic research institutions to fund research programs through the management of research funds available to the company for this purpose.


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