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We invest in human resources, since we believe that the employees are the main reason for our success and growth.

For this reason Vethellas S.A. highlights the best and most qualified scientists in all fields.



We provide excellent working conditions to our staff, meritocratic valuation, continuous education and scientific training. In this context, we apply a certified training program in areas such as Quality, GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice rules) practices and occupational health and safety.


At the same time, in the context of the continuous improvement in efficiency, we conduct annual staff evaluation as well as we evaluate the staff’s proposals for improvement.


There are no vacancies available at the moment. Please submit your CV, even if there is no available position, for future reference.

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Vethellas S.A. is using all the received information with confidentiality according to the law 2472/1997 and the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

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