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Vethellas S.A. aims at its consolidation in the national and international market as well and the continuously increased satisfaction of its customers. In order to achieve the above, we have developed a strategy based on the following 8 points:

1. We co-operate closely with our customers to fully understand their needs and expectations.

2. We invest in state of the art manufacturing and laboratory equipment.

3. We apply a quality management system and a continuous training of our employees.


4. We seek to establish long term collaboration with raw materials suppliers, which are distinguished (renowned ) in their field. This means that we can ensure direct contact with the manufacturers, a fact that ensures security and speed in the transactions, as well as supply of high quality goods.

5. We perform all necessary tests on all raw materials, intermediate as well as final products according to the guidelines of legislation in order to ensure animals and end users safety.

6. We improve the production processes and the control methods of our products by tracking and preventing any failures. We also continuously modernize our factory’s equipment and always try to keep up with the relevant know-how.


7. We keep up closely the constant changes, improvements, evolution, requirements arising in zootechnical and scientific level, in order to adapt accordingly our products.
8. We cooperate with Universities and National Institutions to conduct research and scientific experiments under the guidance and the supervision of veterinarians and animal husbandry experts, in order to ensure the results validity for the benefit of our customers.


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