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Vethellas S.A. , is a company solely of Greek interests. It was founded 30 years ago in Larissa. It has a remarkable presence in the international markets and highly intensive export activity.

The first company established was "KACHRIMANIDIS AGGELOS & CO - VETHELLAS". With properly selected business actions and strategic choices, the initial trade company, gave rise to "VETHELLAS S.A." an innovator in the production of veterinary products.

VETHELLAS specializes in :

  • The Production and trading of veterinary nutritional products (premixes, feed supplements, balancers, feed additives)
  • The production and trading of veterinary pharmaceutical products.
  • Providing services to swine and poultry units by formulating and supporting nutritional programs, and by supervising and managing farming units.
  • Organizing and conducting business plans for the operation of livestock units, covering all stages from the construction to the feasibility of the business plan.

The continuous development, as well as the international presence of the company has led to the establishment of the Vethellas Group of companies, in order to meet the continuously increased demands of our clients, not only in the local market but also worldwide.

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VETHELLAS SA facilities are located in the Industrial Area of Larissa. They are designed according to the requirements of the European legislation. The production procedure applied is certified and approved by the Greek Authorities. VETHELLAS acquired the following certificates :

  • Approval number from the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Department of Animal Nutrition, as producer and intermediary in animal feeds.
  • License for the production of pharmaceuticals issued by the the national organization of medicines (NOM)
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate.
  • Certificate of Quality Management system according to ΕΝ ΙSO 9001:2008 for the production and trading of veterinary nutritional and pharmaceutical products.

The production line is fully automated and designed for the production of products in powder form. It is controlled by advanced computer software, capable of monitoring all production stages, from receipt and weighing of raw materials until packaging of the final products.

Vethellas’ s organization chart

The management and company’s policy are determined by the General Directorate decisions, with the participation of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO and the members of the Board of Directors.


Departments Structure

The Finance Department monitors the company's financial performance and general course of affairs. It evaluates and proposes to the General Directorate ways of management of existing financial resources, and coordinates Vethellas investment projects.

Purchasing & International Trade Dept. plays a key role in the development of the company. Its main responsibility is to ensure the purveyance of raw materials, to source reliable suppliers and conclude profitable collaborations with Greek and international market suppliers.

Sales Department focuses on the expansion of the existing customer base, not only in Greece but much more in other countries, wherever appear to be opportunities for the company to promote its products, or to create joint ventures.

Planning administration acts as a lever of development and evolution for Vethellas. It includes the Research & Development Department. R&D department focuses on enriching the series of company‘s products to meet even more customers needs.

The Production Department is in constant cooperation with the Purchasing Department and the Planning Administration, in order to organize and carry out smoothly the production process so that we can service our customers continuously.

The Quality Control Department plays a significant role in the excellent quality of our products, as it ensures with checks carried out, the high standards of raw materials and finished products. In addition, it supports the Planning Administration with its services.

The harmonious cooperation and synergy of all these Departments, gave Vethellas prominence and recognition as a leading company in its sector.

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