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In the area of animal food products, Vethellas S.A. has the scientific experience and the necessary modern equipment for the production of a wide range of nutritional products according to modern international standards (ISO 9000, Good Manufacturing Practice, HACCP, etc.).

In Vethellas S.A. we emphasize to the continuous improvement of our products based both in modern science, and in our long term practical experience.

Our primary goal is the specific needs of each unit in the nutritional sector, always taking into account the technical capabilities of each producer.

Vethellas S.A. products aim not only to the continuous improvement of the quality of animal diets, but also to the simultaneous reduction of environmental impact through the applied nutrition programs and the selection of ingredients and additives used by the company. Every raw material involved in any product, is tested by the company's Quality Control Laboratory and released for production only if it meets strict quality standards applied by the company.

Vethellas S.A. produces:

  • ΕΒΡΟΒΕΤ product series (vitamin-trace elements premixes)
  • CONVET product series (balancers with vitamins, trace elements, aminoacids, enzymes etc.)
  • PREVET product series (balancers with vitamins, trace elements, aminoacids, enzymes, macroelements etc)

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