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1. Nutritional and Veterinary Support

Vethellas S.A. formulates and supports feeding programs for animal husbandry units and additionally provides veterinary surveillance services. Our qualified personnel adjust the feeding programs and monitor continuously the nutritional results. Monitoring of results is performed by continuous visits to the production plants of our customers.

The composition and support of nutritional programs are programmed according to the needs of each unit, taking into account all the parameters, such as climatic conditions, the form of installations, the genetic material, the cost of raw materials etc. So in this way we combine excellent zootechnical results with economic viability for our customers.

For more information on the formulation and support of the feeding programs based on your unit’s needs, Contact us.


2. After Sale Service – Customized products

Our activity is not strictly limited in support of the company needs to create new products. We expand its operations instead as well as to the product composition based on customer requirements (custom made products). For us the need / requirement of each client are fully respected. We accept the specificity that exists for a specific approach in each case, and we consider it an obligation of our company to have flexibility to handle any changes.


Therefore, the Research and Development Department carefully studies the data provided to find solutions and establishes its proposals based on appropriate scientific data, in order to cover to the maximum extent the customers’ needs. Thus, we have the ability to produce not just any customized product composition, but also the ability to design, control and ultimately produce a new product, depending on the needs of each producer.



Customized product composition

Design, control and production of new products depending on the producers’ needs

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