Interagro Ltd Modernization of Livestock Units


The company INTERAGRO Ltd located in the region of Krasnodar, southern Russia, deals with the maintenance, development and modernization of pig farms, by introducing advanced technology and equipment, automatic feeding systems, ventilation and cooling systems, sewerage, and other machinery for the proper and full operation of those units.


More specifically, the company is able to supply its customers with a wide range of equipment for breeding pigs which includes:

  • Artificial insemination laboratory equipment.
  • Devices for pregnancy tests.
  • Mechanical equipment for all stages of production of pig farms (pregnancy booths, birth booths, growth chambers, fattening chambers).
  • Automated feed and water systems.
  • Automated ventilation, heating and cooling systems of buildings.
  • Manure sewer systems.
  • Biological treatment of waste water.


The company is studying thoroughly and adjusts the selection of equipment in the financial requirements of each client and provides all the necessary guarantees for the proper installation and operation of systems and equipment.

All proposals are guided by high performance equipment, which is ensured by the introduction of advanced European technology machinery for the production and the breeding of pigs. The whole installation process as well as the monitoring of operators’ training in the new equipment is made by specialists of our company.