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Group Structure

Group Presentation

Vethellas Group, a group solely of Greek interests, was established through the growth of Vethellas S.A., and consists of companies operating in Greece and abroad covering the full range of needs of modern animal farming.
The group consists of companies each specializing in specific business.Particularly, Vethellas group supplies a range of services which include:

  • Production and trading of veterinary nutritional products and veterinary medicines of high standards
  • Production of sows & boars of high genetical value as well as F1 lines and terminal boars
  • Providing scientific support in nutrition issues.
  • Managing of livestock units.
  • Organizing of business plans.
  • Modernization, construction and supply of mechanical equipment for livestock units.

Group Companies

Vethellas S.A.

Production & Trading of nutritional and pharmaceutical products

Vethellas S.A. which consists the core of VETHELLAS Group of companies specializes in the production and trading of veterinary nutritional products (premixes, supplementary feed (balancers), feed additives) and pharmaceutical products. Moreover the company provides consulting services in pig and poultry farms, by creating and supporting nutritional programs as well as by supervising the management of units.

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Xoirotrofia Thessalias S.A.

Production & Trading of breeding swine

Xoirotrofia Thessalias S.A. is the member of Vethellas Group of companies which based on the continuous genetic improvement, produces swine of high standards to cover the needs of Greek and international market, where the group is active.

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Rosvet Kuban

Distributor of Vethellas products in Russia

The main activity of the company is the supply of Russian livestock enterprises, with high quality nutritional and pharmaceutical products ( premixes and w/s ) for swine, poultry and cattle, as well as with final feed and concentrates for swine and poultry.

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Interagro Ltd.

Modernization & Construction of livestock units

The company INTERAGRO Ltd is the newest member of the Group and deals with the maintenance, development and modernization of pig farms, by introducing advanced technology and equipment, automatic feeding systems, ventilation and cooling systems, sewerage, and other machinery for the proper and full operation of those units.

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We are celebrating 35 years of Vethellas presence

During the 35-year period, starting from the establishment of the company “Angelos Kachrimanidis & CO- VETHELLAS” until today, there was a remarkable growth and development which led to the current structure of the VETHELLAS Group of companies

By choosing and following a business practice which aims particularly to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of products and services, and also by facing the new emerging challenges of our field both in Greece and abroad, we never stop evolving and expanding our activities.

The reward of this upturn is the recognition of the company as a pioneer in the livestock sector, leveling foreign companies. We have proven to be totally committed to the quality standards we have set. This does not mean though that we will cease seeking new paths and creating our own unique and dynamic business development.


The Evolution



Establishment of “ANGELOS KACHRIMANIDIS & CO-VETHELLAS” , a trading company dealing with the distribution of nutritional products and veterinary pharmaceuticals