XOIROTROFIA THESSALIAS S.A.Production & Trading of breeding swine


 Xoirotrofia Thessalias S.A. is the member of Vethellas group based on the continuous genetic improvement, produce swine of high standards to cover the needs of greek and international market, where the group is active.

It was established in 1995 and owns one swine unit in Larissa city with a capacity of 300 sows. The annual production can be estimated in 7.500 pigs per year. This unit has a closed breeding core, carrying out a complete genetic improvement, in both purebred and hybrid lines of sows and boars. The result of this closed core, is the greater biosecurity and the minimisation of the diseases that are carried through animal transportation. In advance, the full range of purebred breeds offers the possibility of designing the hybrid that satisfies the needs of each producer.

The co-operations with companies from abroad, especially from England and USA, are the key factors which give the company the advantage to follow closely the ongoing genetic improvements and developments.


The company aims to improve the economic outturn of each pig unit, by developing research, genetic, zootechnical and investment operations. Therefore Xoirotrofia Thessalias S.A. concentrates to:

  • The genetic improvement of those productive features that bring economic benefit to the producer.
  • The production and trading of the reproductive animals and the crossbreeding system, which maximize the hybrid’s robustness, and thus multiply productive capabilities of the genetic material.
  • Providing all zootechnical, scientific, technical and organizational services to the partner pig enterprises in such manner and to such an extent that our customers implement a production process that ensures:
    1. 25 piglets per sow, per year to the slaughterhouse.
    2. Decrease of the slaughter time to 150 days for swine of 105 kg live weight.
    3. Improvement of the feed conversion rate to 2,7.

XOIROTROFIA THESSALIAS S.A. will continue its efforts in producing a Greek genetic material that competes countries in North Europe that are traditionally leaders in the field.


SOWS: GP sows

F1 sows: Gennitor 22, Gennitor 21

BOARS: Reproductive boars GP

Terminal Boars: Gennitor 600, Gennitor 672